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Print Advertising and its significance in 2019

Advertisements are something that we see every now and then. Companies spend crores of money on advertising to grab attention of people weather they are at home or outside or travelling or simply surfing the internet on their digital devices. Out of all such advertisements, our topic here is to dig deep inside Print Advertising which is one of the oldest form of advertising and has a great significance in conveying your message to the customers.

What is Print Advertising?

Print Ads are any type of advertisement which use print media like newspaper, magazines or any printable media to reach out to the customers. The printable media can be of any form like Newspaper, banners, Brochures, Flyers and many more.

We can mention some of the common form of Print advertising

Large Format Advertising (Bill Board, Hoardings, Banners, Flex):

Large format advertising are mainly done to make the brand visible to a large audience segment. Advertising in this form is one of the costliest form of communication. However, because of the broader reach through this media, it’s one of the most ROI generating method of communication. This form of advertising involves both text and graphics in large form and covers all type of market segment. The cost of this form of advertising depends on the size and location of placement.

Newspaper/ Newsletters/ Magazines:

Newspaper advertising targets a large customer segment having broader set of common interests like location, language, Industry etc. Whereas, Newsletters and Magazines targets a niche segment with specific interests. For example- a Magazine can be targeted for Decision makers (like CIOs) from IT Industry. There are magazines targeted at women.

Advertisers need different strategy for Newspaper vis-a-vis Newsletter and Magazines.

Mostly, Magazines and Newsletters are subscription based and are released weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual or annually. However, Newspaper is more frequent and publishes curated content on a daily basis. Hence, the most important thing to consider for advertising in these media is the Target audience and frequency at which they will be interested for such ads.

Brochures/ Catalogues:

Brochure is a kind of index for a company’s product and services. It lists out all important facts and deliverables of a company. It includes both text and graphics in a systematic format and follows a similar pattern across locations of the same company.

Custom Modern Advertising:

Apart from the conventional marketing collaterals, Modern advertising consists of many custom print advertising such as Umbrella, T shirts, Flyers, Danglers, Balloons etc. These are low cost items and are used by B2B companies to distribute among their stakeholders and partners to create awareness and branding. Also, companies do advertising in printable copies of various useful materials like invoices, passes, tickets etc.

Advertising techniques for promising Print Advertising:

Brands not only do advertising to sell their product, but their idea is to create an impact that the brand will be remembered in people’s normal lifestyle. Hence, they focus more on creating experiences with their advertisements. Since, emotion drives decision making in buyers mind, Brands tries their best to trigger that emotion of buyer through their advertising campaign.

There are few visual advertising mechanisms that creates an impact in print ads. We will get brief details of few of them here-


Color plays a very important role in triggering emotion and response to buying decision.  Again the choice of colors varies between age groups, Locations, countries, Gender, Interests etc. Also, it’s important to follow the right color scheme to make appealing ads.

Learn more on color schemes and their visual response here.


Repetition is basically to stick to a particular format/ layout. It helps create an image of a brand in the consumer’s mind and help them recall the brand when similar event occurs. But, repetition should not be too much, otherwise consumers get bored and try to escape. Hence, there should be a balance in the repetition and new form of advertising. 

Copy Elements:

Copy Elements are the most attention grabbing elements and they define the campaign. It should be short, crisp and to the point. As per a research on an average a customer looks at an ad for 4 secs before changing his mind. Hence, the copy needs to be attractive enough to grab the attention of consumer and speak the main purpose of your campaign.


Correlation is attaching a place, an identity with your campaign. For example, an advertisement with a celebrity and luxury status automatically connects the product with a luxury segment. Similarly, an advertising campaign with happy faces, friends and fun times, automatically gets attracted by youth, party and fun people.

Graphic Elements:

Graphic elements like Photos, illustrations, logos, and symbols always attract consumers. The quality and connect has to be really strong to create a mark on the consumer’s mind. They immediately connect the consumers with the respective brand


Placement of the ad is the most important for your advertising campaign. An IT product brand will get more success by featuring their ad in an IT Magazine rather than a Fashion Magazine. Similarly, a Fashion brand will have more visibility on a Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine rather than an automotive magazine. Also, billboards, hoardings catch more attention if placed at a traffic highway. Most importantly, the cost of the ad varies as per the placement.

Trends to follow in 2019:

Print advertising needs to make sense in the digital age. Few are going to be the important technique behind how print advertising performs in 2019. Few of them are listed below-

Simple Designs:

Advertising Lego
A Minimalist Print Ad by Lego

In the all-around chaos of city life, consumers always like clean and simple designs where message is clear and to-the-point. Most preferably, consumers, in the current digital age, love minimalist advertisements with text and graphics in the right measures, less chaos and strong brand message which clearly tells the USP and comparison with its competitors.

Personalized Ads:

With 2019, consumers demand more on personalized content. Now when you are getting analytics about your consumers from the online space, you can check the pattern or consumer behavior and create ads accordingly to suit specific audience segments.

Hybrid form of Advertising(QR Code):

Advertising 2
Use of QR Code in Ad

In the era of digitalization, there has to be a bit of digital integration with print advertising as well. Features like QR codes is the new buzzword. QR code stands for Quick Response codes. They give a gateway to quickly surf about the brand and offer.

Most Importantly, You can add QR codes in your print advertising and link them to your website, social media or landing pages of your campaign. This will ease the search process of your consumers about your brand, offers and campaigns.

Unique Coupon Codes instead of Generic ones:

Coupon codes are a very long time technique to grab attention of the consumers. Also, unique coupon codes rather than generic ones make the consumers feel valued on a personal level and creates more conversion. Mostly, they are applicable for ecommerce players at the time of checkout to get discounts, free gifts, cash back etc.

Foil Stamping:

Advertising foil stmping
Foil Stamping Sample

This is more attractive technique because of its shiny feature. Shiny things attract everyone. But, in order to incorporate foil stamping, the design has to be simple and with thicker lines. Also, the design should be easily recognizable in a single color. This trend is going to be a win strategy in 2019 looking at the demand from the consumer end.

Play with the Texture:

A study reveals that Texture in print advertising create more awareness in consumers. Many forms of textured prints like embossing, debossing, thermography, intricate folds etc are the new trends and will be seen used more by companies in 2019

Use of Spot Varnishing:

Spot varnish works great with simple designs and help accentuate the less attractive parts of a design. It gives a visual effect close to 3D, an in depth value.Hence, its is more attractive.

Importance of Print Advertising:

The world is migrating towards digital media. But, Print ads never lost its significance. It still has the same value as before.

Long Lasting and Tangible:

Print advertisements exists in real. The magazines, newspapers etc are physical items and can be accessed without the use of any kind of technology. That’s what makes them unique. Similarly, consumers may not notice a web banner or online advertisements. But, they definitely notice an attractive hoarding or billboard.

Brand Credibility:

Print advertising gives a unique brand credibility. It adds value to your brand. Not every brand spends on print advertising. But, those who do, speaks for their risk taking and capability themselves.


The reach in print advertising is more as compared to online ads if the placement is proper. Most importantly, it reaches audience who are not tech savvy and are unaware much about the digital world.

Our Thoughts:

Print advertising is the old form of advertising. But, even in the digital age, this makes enough sense in terms of trust building among consumers. It’s a tested method since ages in generating excellent ROI. When we talk about the digital age, your advertisements needs to be simple, elegant, and trendy. Also, its important to add digitalization through barcodes, QR codes etc.

We, at Tikitech, excel in different types of branding, Graphic designing, web designing, videos, and digital media. If you want to create a mark on your consumer’s mind through a compelling advertisement, get in touch with us. Stay tuned and subscribe to our social media pages at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to get regular updates on new technology advancements.


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