Is your Brand missing out the right typography in all Designs?

As per definition

“Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space between pairs of letters”

Source: Wikipedia

In simple terms, Typography is the simple technique of arranging the written text considering few elements like size, color and most importantly the font. Typography may seem like a simple and insignificant concept to consider before creating any graphics,  but you have to believe that it’s the main driving force across all types of marketing and communication channel. Can you imagine a Television ad without any text on it or any campaign such as Banner advertising, Hoardings, Web banners etc with no text on it?  Well, it’s difficult! Hence, we can clearly understand the importance of text in any marketing channel and so does its representation.

Typography: basics
Source: Creative Market

Let’s explore some more reasons to understand and implement right Typography in our designs

Why typography is powerful and important

A powerful way to grab everyone’s attention:

Since Typography depicts the visual appearance of the context, using it in the desired way can express a particular feeling. The right sync between the graphics and appropriate fonts can set the tone of your campaign and gain customer attention easily.

Decides whether people read or skip:

Choosing the fonts which are clean and easy to read and comprehend, are key to any type of campaign. Few elements which matters are- Font type, Font color, Font style etc. It looks good when we choose fancy fonts, but if the readers are unable to grasp the purpose at a glance, then it may not lead to a successful campaign.

Consistency in typography create brand recall:

You can create a sync in all marketing channels through the use of similar typography across all channels. This can help customers recognize your brand and relate with some specific fonts and colors.

Creates and build recognition:

The right and consistent use of brand typography and visual creates a connect in the customer’s mind. It not only creates brand recall, but also builds an identity for your brand that can be recognized and remembered by your customer anywhere and any point of time they see similar visuals.

Use of Typography in Advertising

Choosing and aligning all fonts is an art. Though it seems easy, but as long as you are not pulling out the right typography, your graphics will not stand out. Especially when it comes to print advertising, typography becomes even more crucial. We will see the effective way to use Typography in both Print and Web advertising.

Print Advertising:

The most disadvantage of Print advertising is, people tend to skip the ad page. So it’s important to make them stick to it through effective designs. Hence, typography plays an important role in speaking your objectives loud and clear. Also, the right Font type, style and size grabs customer’s attention and makes them read further about the ad.

Amount of text- “Minimal” or “lot of it”:

Different type of ads call for different amount of text. We can categorize them as-

  • Talk less and covey more.
  • Lots of text in an interesting way
  • No actual text, Shape letters in a picture

Brands use different techniques to make use of right typography. Some keep it very minimal whereas others make it noisy, yet attractive.

Sync Text with Graphics:

Unlike television ads, Print ads does not have sound, motion etc. So all it has, is to play with the printing space. Hence, attractive graphics play a very important role in print ads. But, since the advertisement needs to convey the objective, the text needs to be crammed over the graphics in a nice manner in order to be meaningful.

Use of Visual Puns:

At times, visual puns can play as a great device to convey a lot with fewer words. They connect the words with the graphics and coveys the right message to its audience

Source: Pinterest, Example of Visual pun in Advertising

Digital Ads:

Web is a platform that can portray a brand’s image in a multiple ways. Typography for web has become very important in last few years because of the growing demand in the industry. Every company has their own set of guidelines which needs to be followed across all marketing channel. It’s very important to have consistency of the typography in digital ads and print ads to create a unique brand impression. Certain guidelines for web ads typography can be outlined as follows–


Text needs to be readable. Make sure the text contrasts with the background in order to be readable

Size and Hierarchy:

Font Size also plays an important role in making your text readable. Set the text to the right size, try making it bigger and louder. Also, your text should have an arrangement of different sizes based on the importance of the text. Hence, the hierarchy too is an important part of the visual appearance of the text


Another important aspect of any advertisement is the space, usually referred to as breathing space.  This negative space help the readers focus on the text and the rich text conveys the message. A thumb rule is to use the line spacing as 140% of the text size. However, in order to make the advertisements stand out there has to be a balance between the negative space, white space and the text block.

Typography Trends in 2019

Bold Extra-loud  compact fonts

The love for extra bold loud fonts will continue to grow in 2019. The benefit with an extra bold font is- your design screams loud from a far distance. The downside of this type of font is the kind of space they consume, but they can definitely make a statement with their bold appearance.

Source: Nike Ad, Pinterest

Minimal sans serif fonts

Sans-Serif fonts are the most sophisticated fonts and gives rich appeal to any design. Also, these fonts are really flexible, bold and modern. They can fit any design from thick to thin, long or short, bold and refined. Their industrial, architectural, luxurious and elegant appearance is best suitable in modern minimalist designs.

Typography- Sans-serif font
A Tanishq Ad

Retro fonts

In both Web and Print advertising vintage and retro style designing is very popular. However these designs are incomplete without good retro fonts. There are many free retro fonts such as Phenomena Font, Paralines Font, Lazer 84 fonts etc available in the web.

Typography: Retro fonts
Source Behance

Evolving script fonts

Script typefaces are pretty much like cursive fonts, but arranged in a more elegant manner. But the Script fonts have evolved much over the past year and 2019 is going to be the year of different varieties of script fonts.

Typography: script font

Outline fonts

Outline font is a popping typeface for 2019. It adds maturity and weightage to any brand with its modern and industrial appearance. You can get them in all shape and sizes.

Use of Quirky Typefaces

Quirky typeface always has its fans through its bumpy, inept yet charming appearance. They turn the digital experience into a joyous one. Many ecommerce brands use this for their product ads and attract clients

Typography: hand lettering
Source: Events High

The Power of hand-lettering

With 2019, Hand lettering is getting famous for its shape and size. It’s a custom made typography. It’s charming, unique and special in every aspect. Many brands have started advertising through Hand lettering the content.

Typography: Hand lettering
Source: Freddie Mercury

Our Thoughts

We can expect a little bit of fonts from every style and shape in 2019. From professional to quirky styles, brands will try all possible ways to catch their customer’s attention. You can give your website, ads and creative a fresh look with the amazing typefaces available. Choose your favorite out of them and let us help you make a statement for your brand with designing and typography through our seasoned professionals. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram to get regular updates on Technology and innovation to make your brand successful in the market. For informations and enquiries on any Marketing services, contact us through www.tikitech.in

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